Lighting Artist

Job description

We're looking for a highly collaborative, passionate and skilled lighting artist who is up for the challenge of creating content for an AAA title.

Essential Duties

  • Responsible for the final lighting in the game 
  • Collaborate with Art Director to develop lighting through verbal and written communication, concepts or reference images/videos
  • Supervise initial lighting done by environment artists and game designers in the different production units 
  • Create atmospheric effects like fog, smoke in collaboration with environment artists and effects artists
  • Create atmospheric, environmental and screen effects in collaboration with Environment Artists and VFX Artists.

Competencies, Skills & Knowledge: 

  • Communicates with directness/candour and is adept at conflict resolution
  • High standards of respect and values strong teamwork 
  • Adapts swimmingly to changing circumstances 
  • Positive thinker with an ambitious drive towards quality and success

Essential Requirements:

  • Strong spatial sense and a strong eye for level composition
  • Experience working with AAA engines
  • Photoshop experience
  • Bachelor degree or higher in (game) arts 

Portfolio submissionis required for this position. Please focus this portfolio on personal contributions to your projects. Please include a breakdown specifying what you were directly responsible for creating. Considered portfolios should include the following:

  • 1 best example of lighting a scene where you were the primary contributing artist
  • 1-2 best examples of your general work (offline renders in addition to in-game screen shots or video)


  • Experience in the game industry or a related industry
  • Experience with Autodesk Maya
  • Interest in the technical aspects of AAA game development
  • (Native) Dutch speaker


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